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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How many days do you think it will take to set up? A: We prefer a two-week timeframe for advertising, and the setup duration varies based on factors like house size, the extent of cleaning/trash removal, and the quantity of items.

Q: What is your commission? A: Our commission is typically 40% of the sale, subject to variations based on factors such as valuation, additional preparation needs, and unique circumstances.

Q: Are there fees besides your commission? A: Generally, no. However, possible additional fees may include excessive cleaning, trash removal, dumpster fees, and extra advertising beyond our standard channels.

Q: Do you have insurance? What types? A: Yes, we have insurance coverage to protect against unforeseen circumstances during estate sales.

Q: How long after the sale will I be paid? A: You can expect payment within 5 business days after the completion of the sale.

Q: Do you have an appraiser on staff or access to one? A: We have an extensive network that includes an appraiser for various items, including antiques and collectibles.

Q: How do you advertise? A: Our advertising channels include Facebook (groups, events), Instagram, YouTube, and

Q: How many people do you generally have staff at a sale? A: Typically, we allocate one staff member per floor and an additional one for a detached garage if checkout cannot be managed outside.

Q: How will my home be left? Broom Clean, Empty, etc? A: The condition in which your home is left depends on the agreed-upon contract and the preferences of the estate.

Q: Do you pre-sell or allow people early entry? A: We only permit pre-sales for items deemed challenging to sell within the sale's limited timeframe. Early entry is not allowed, but certain items may be pre-sold under specific circumstances.

Q: Do you charge sales tax? A: No, we do not charge sales tax.

Q: Do you have any sales coming up that I could visit to see how your sales are conducted? A: Feel free to check our website or contact us for information on upcoming sales that you can visit.

Q: How many days will the sale itself be? A: The duration of the sale typically ranges between 3-4 days, depending on the contents of the estate.

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